August 29, 2012


you guys. we're in college. and it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. between all the events, free food, parties, and hunnies (seriously, they're EVERYWHERE) the education aspect is one million times better than high school. of course we have only had 2 official days of school, but as far as we can tell... this semester is going to be killer.

today was "day on the quad". that's where all the clubs set up booths on the quad and try to get people to sign up. we basically went for all the free food, and let me tell ya, we won't be needing dinner tonight. that's the famous aggie blue mint ice cream which, yes, we got for free. (but it was at the IT booth and in order to get it they asked us questions. they asked me if taylor knew my network password and i said "yes." they got mad at us... we tried explaining that we are basically the same person, but that didn't go over very well) the ice cream may not look very good because it was melting in the 3514654 degree weather, but my oh my is that stuff tasty!

hopefully we'll be posting more in our free time and keeping you updated on this next chapter in our lives! we love it up here at utah state and are so excited for this next school year!


  1. That is SO awesome for you guys!!! I didn't enjoy my college years so much .... I was too little a fish in too big of a pond. Make the most of it! It's so great that you have each other. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures on your blog! xo

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  3. Looks like SO much fun! And that ice cream looks delish, even melty!


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