November 19, 2012


{warning: twilight-hating eyes and comments are not allowed on this post. gracias} 

i am writing this, trying not to laugh AND/OR cry. A. because i seriously cant believe we, my sisters and i,  were crazy enough to pull this off again. and B. me writing this is acknowledging the END of twilight as we know it. and im too sad to even begin to think about that. so lets get to it.and just embrace the craziness- you're better off. {and thanks for letting me steal your post, paige!}

after last year, we were determined to go back for the twilight grand finale. we had too much fun to not go again. they did things a tad bit different this year by doing a lottery to camp in tent city, and also a lottery for your spot on the red carpet... and we decided that no matter what, we were going. we couldn't bare the thought of missing out. even if we got a terrible spot on the red carpet- it was still worth it. (and come on, it was the last one!) we left wednesday evening and had to be at check-in at noon on thursday. within 5 minutes of arriving in tent city... we saw some of our favorite, and not so favorite people from last year! we were cracking up. we had nicknames for maaaaaany of them last year and we would see them throughout the whole week and just die laughing.

[the wristbands... our golden tickets]
 Tent City went above and beyond this time around. There were 2,000 people that camped this year, so you can imagine the variety. we are talking full-on movie scenes. wish the pictures would do them justice... 
[we, of course, had to make our robsessed known as well]
they put on each of the twilight movies every night. this was one of my favorite things about tent city! you can't beat watching these movies with 2,000 screaming die-hard fans, with security guards saying "you guys are terrible" when a love scene comes on. too hilarious.  
friday morning we decided to duck-out for couples hours and go shopping in santa monica, where we found one of thee coolest parking garages ever. they had signs on every row, and every floor, telling you how many spots were left. and then, on every individual stall, there was a red light and a green light - saying whether or not there was a car already parked there. genius i tell ya! can we bring that to utah?


friday night during one of the movies, people just started running. and we knew what that meant- a STAR!
it was Tinsel Korey. (Emily, the wolf girl)
stephenie meyer came and suprised us on saturday morning. since they let so many people in this year, we waited for long periods of times, in lots of lines, on many different occasions. but we found ourselves trying to cram in the last few pages of the book (i hadn't read it in awhile), and also getting handed lots of free stuff.  only a select few were allowed to go and take pictures and get autographs with stephanie, and we were not among the lucky... so we just snapped a few pics anyway. (thanks for nothin!)
[the new "berry bitten" smoothie from jamba] [we made rob shirts again, of course]

but saturday afternoon, was the twilight concert. it was one of our fav things from last year- where some of the bands from the soundtrack come and play their songs. and this year was even better than last for a few reasons...
A. Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) was the MC- and he was awesome.
B. Ashley Greene (Alice) made a surprise visit to help MC. and we looooove her.
C. Nikki Reed (Rosalie) and her hubby Paul McDonald (American Idol guy) came and sang their song on the soundtrack, and it's one of my favs. (plus, Nikki was really emotional talking about it being "the end" and it made us love her. cause we didn't love her as much last year)
D. Christina Perri came this year! we were bummed when she didn't come last time,
and she is uh-mazing LIVE! and she's really funny.. and really sweet.
[anya marina singing "satelite heart" - one of our fav songs from new moon]
[a boy and his kite "cover your tracks" - fav!] [paul & nikki "all i've ever needed - fav!]
[christina perry "jar of hearts" and "a thousand years"]
such a fun concert! they all stayed after and did autographs. Nikki kept saying, through her tears, "i dont want to leave you guys!" its a sad thing, acknowledging the end of twilight.
saturday night was full of more movies on the big screen.. and freezing our bums off.
sunday morning, we were told that "special guests" would be coming to hand out breakfast.
pretty much the entire cast showed up. (minus the big three). Most of them are new to this movie.. so they would come through and we had no idea who they were, but we took pictures with them anyways. i'm about 90% sure than this was most of their first time in a movie, so they were still really excited and really nice and took pictures, gave autographs, and talked with almost every single person. they were seriously such genuinely nice people!

one minute you are poking fun at the crazies who are crying at the sight of these stars, and then the next minute.. you ARE the crazies, posing for pics with them. ha ha!
["Zafrina" from the Amazon coven]
["Senna" from the Amazon Coven]
 ["Benjamin" from the Egyptian Coven - Nicest guy ever and loooved him in the movie]
["Tia" from the Egyptian Coven]
["Maggie" from the Irish Coven]
[Vladimir from the Italian Coven - he was really sweet]
["Liam" from the Irish Coven and "Randall" who's a nomad]   
["Peter" and "Mary" - nomads]

Peter Facinelli- who plays Carlise. This guy is really handsome in real life. not too friendly, but really handsome. so they cancel each other out, right?
His security guard kept shouting "NO posed pictures, only autographs.." and since we don't really care about autographs, i did the next best thing, take a pic while he was holding my hand! ;) - Paige

[Charlie, who plays "Dimitri" - funny guy]
[Julia who plays "Leah" the wolf girl.. such a sweet and down-to-earth person]
[Boo Boo Stewart who plays "Seth" - love him!]

that was a fun few hours for us- way more people showed up this time than did last year.
we did things a little smarter this time by getting a hotel that was 20 feet from tent city vs. 20 miles away (+ LA traffic- which is insane!) so we were able to just walk right over to our hotel and shower when we wanted. we came back sunday night to see that they had finished setting up for the premiere!


and then we headed back to the hotel for some serious shut-eye.... cause the next day was premiere day.
and it was KILLER, again.

that's comin up next.

[i know the anticipation must be killing you!! ;)]