November 27, 2012


so on the reason for the trip... PREMIERE DAY.

if you remember last year, none of us slept the night before premiere day because we were sooo excited. we had no idea what to expect. although we were still excited this year, we actually slept really well this time, and mostly because the day of the premiere is a looooooong day of standing and waiting. They happened to do another sort of "lottery" for your spots on the red carpet this year and we ended up being in group 3. that meant about 600-800 people were going to be in front of us instead of the 200 people that were ahead of us last year. we were a little bummed.
we reported to a designated spot at 12:00 and waited and waited until they finally called our numbers at 2:30 and ushered us into the red carpet. we were very surprised to find that we were on about the 5th row! there was a barrel in front of us too, which gave us a way better view as well- and i even shimmied my way into the 2nd row with the camera. (SCORE!) we fully expected the stars to be ants to us... but we were sittin pretty well. and we got some awesome, close pics of the stars! the only bummer was that we were on the opposite side of the red carpet than we were last year... the END of the carpet. that meant that most of the stars were going to be tired by the time they get to us because they had already made it around the entire thing, and it also meant that there was NO paparazzi (come on, it was cool to see our faces in people magazine last year! even if some of them were hideous). 

but anyways..... after more hours and hours standing on our feet, just waiting in our spot, the first to arrive was Nancy O'Dell, and then they just kept on comin! and we didn't even get pics of half of them.
... we only knew about half of these people, and the half that we knew, it was solely their "character" names,  which is completely unacceptable by some of our fellow twi-hards. apparently we weren't twi-hard enough.
{hunger games! prim, fox face, little rue}
{a guy from 90210? he was really sweet, but i was kinda  like 
"Dude, what are you doing at the Twilight Premiere AGAIN by yourself?}
{Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory, Steve Erkle and Luca from ER}
{These are all disney people.. Ashley Tisdale was a bum and wouldn't give fans the time of day}
{LA Clippers player, and Terrell Owens.. again, dont know why they came to a twilight premiere?}
{Stevie Nicks.. what the random?}
{Elle Fanning, "Caleb" from Pretty Little Liars (who totally said hi to me, BTW) and Juliann Hough}    
{"ren" from Pretty Little Liars}
{our BFF Christina Perri... Lindsay and Paige snuck behind a tree and took a picture with her when 
she was going into the theater. and then they got kicked out! she's so nice!}

then the cast started showing up. obviously they were all there, 
but we didn't get pics of all of them.
{some of the new vampires}
{some of the wolves}
{some of the voltori.. not a fan of dakota's dark hair}
{'Renee' and 'Billy'}
{the friends- 'Eric', a very blonde 'Angela' and 'Mike'}

{The little dude who plays the immortal child ** story below** and Stephenie Meyer}

and the ever-so beautiful cullen clan.....
Nikki Reed (Rosalie) and Ashley Greene (Alice) were our favs and best-dressed of the night. 
they were STUNNING.

.... so pretty much after these peeps came through, we knew that 'the big three' HAD to be next.
and of course, a very large limo pulls up, and we can hear people SCREAMING. 
(you really can't see anything)

and then another large limo.

and then the last limo pulls up.


we were extremely excited. but we still had to wait for them to go to the bleacher section,
and make their way around the red carpet. taylor was the first to reach our side, but somehow he went down the media side without looking over to the fans once. everyone kept saying "he'll come back," but then all of a sudden, he went into the theater. what the heck? we got stiffed by him. how rude.
then people around us started freaking out, and we saw the green suit. ROB!!!!     

this video is from Paige's phone. not great quality, but we love watching a video instead of just pics. he literally was RIGHT. THERE. {and just to make things clear.. the only Nelson voice you hear is the one saying "get down". people in the front row started climbing over the wall and we were not about to let anyone get in our view of rob. ;) but the other voices are hilarious.}
this was me trying to get a pic of rob, and its just next to impossible. 
A. because you are trying to not fall over because people are just going crazy. it's seriously like a mosh pit.
B. because you are trying to get  past the jillion posters (for autographs) that are in front of you, and coming in from the back. and  
C. everyone else is trying to get pictures as well.
so basically, its just mayhem.
but very exciting mayhem.
that was definitely one of the best parts of the night. obviously we are rob fans- so we were ecstatic to get so close to him. and it made us even bigger fans of him that he went out of his way to make sure that he got to all of the fans! after he passed by us, we noticed that all the bleachers and the opposite side of the red carpet had all cleared.. and that meant that we were getting into the movie!!
but kristen was still doing interviews and rob was still 'around', so we were anxious.. 
and didn't want to miss her.


but then right after this picture, her security guard grabbed her and said she had to go into the theater because they had already started the movie. so she passed us and waved and said "Im so sorry guys!"
so we quickly turned to the other side and watched her and rob walk into the theater.

our "rob high" quickly turned to frantic searching for the people who were handing out tickets. we had heard they had already started the movie- and we knew we still had to wait in lines and more lines to turn in cell phone and cameras... but one of our security-guard friends pointed us out of the crowd and let us walk ahead of everyone onto the red carpet and he handed us four tickets. what a gem!! thank you charles!

our tickets were in 3 different places. paige was by herself, lindsay was up above us in the balcony, and we were in the orchestra seats. the orchestra seats! when we got our tickets and saw that it said orchestra, we were like "No way. That's where the stars sit." Once we got into the theater and were looking for our seats in a completely different section, we asked someone for help and she was like "Oh, you're all the way down there. Let me show you.." and lead us down towards our seats. We kept thinking she was going to stop towards the top of the orchestra section but she just kept going and going and going. We were on the second row, passing stars as we went down the aisle! Tell me that's not the coolest thing ever? 
 it was so disappointing to finally get to our seats and realize that we had missed almost a half hour of the movie.... but you just cant beat watching it with the entire cast sitting directly behind you.
that was awesome.
*spoiler alert*
watching the movie with the die-hards of the die-hards is one of our favorite parts of the whole trip. the reactions are so much better and waaay more dramatic. we had heard a numerous amount of times before we even left on our trip that they had changed the ending to the movie. so we were just waiting to see what they had done..... and there is NO WAY to even begin to describe the frantic F bombs that were being dropped, the yelling, the tears, the arms flailing and people screaming "what the h#ll  is going on!", when they show Carlise's head and during the rest of the entire "vision". we were FREAKING OUT! (but at the same time trying to keep our cool in front of the stars) seriously, every time we watch the movie we just remember the reaction and screams from everyone around us, and it's seriously hilarious.
and boy, were we fooled. props to you, summit. that was a very smart move!
after the movie was over, we just sat in our seats and watched all the stars get up and talk to each other. we were literally surrounded by famous people! we wanted to find our sisters to talk to them about the movie, but i was like "there is no way we're leaving with all these stars encircling us," so we sat there and embraced the moment for awhile longer. we saw taylor leave the theater, boo boo stewart, the denali vampires, everyone! famous people were just conversing with each other 5 feet in front of us. after awhile we decided to find our sisters, so we got up and started walking out. we even talked to some famous people (don't know exactly who) that were blocking the aisle on our way out! it was killer.
 we met in the designated spot, and for some reason (cough, cough) we were waiting for lindsay for a long time. but while we were waiting, the little blonde dude came out of the movie and we gave him a high five and told him he did such a good job! he was so proud of himself, and he was taking pictures with everyone. his mom sat and talked to us for about 20 minutes, telling us his life story. but he was so stinkin cute.. trying to give autographs, he could barely write the first letter. we just loved him.

 right next to him, Paige saw Rob's mom and dad! She had seen them before, cause they are at most of his interviews. We don't know what they were waiting for, but they were sitting there for a long time.
She said "twinners! thats rob's mom and dad. lets go say hi!" we were too embarassed, BUT PAIGE WAS NOT! she went and shook the dad's hand and said "are you Rob's dad?" and that little old english chap said "why yes i am." and she said something like "it's so nice to meet you.." she shoud have asked 
if he had tickets to the after-party :) they were so nice. we're sad we didn't have any cameras to take pics of them AND the little boy- cause we had turned them in... so we had nothing - but we loved seeing them!
we finally met up with lindsay and we were all on such a high.
we drove home the next day and laughed for hours and hours about all the funny and crazy things that had happened the last 6 days. we're so happy we did it again. we missed our sister, brynne, this time around- and nothing will compare to last year because we had NO idea what we were doing, and everything was a surprise to us. but we're so happy we went through with going again. SUCH a fun trip!

twilight has brought me so many good memories;
midnight trips to borders to pick up the books and reading them a million times.
waiting in lines for hours for the midnight release of the movie (until we figured out reserved seating),
and then seeing it umptine times in the theaters after that.
spending weeks for a couple years, writing to ELLEN to win her "twilight trips",
midnight trips to walmart for the release of each DVD,
and then of course, our two trips to TENT CITY, which bring a million memories in itself.
and meeting the cast, and ROB himself, twice.
so many memories! we're sad that it has come to an end. there really won't be another series that we love as much as twilight (we really like hunger games, but its not as near and dear). most of these memories involve our sisters. we love each of you and will cherish all the cheesiness, the craziness, and the hilarious memories of twilight that we have! 
and stephenie meyer and summit entertainment- you're welcome.
im positive that half of your earnings have come from us Nelson sisters.
you would be wise to continue the series. ;)
{which, BTW we're predicting they make another one}

What did you guys think of the movie? Did you like it?!
We weren't huge fans of Reneesme's robot face...


  1. goodness I am so jealous! so so jealous. I loved the movie! I thought Reneesme was such a cute little girl but you could totally tell baby her was n't real! ha. did you have to pay for all this? if so how much? I'm totally interested in going sometime in my life time! so so so cool darling! just stumbled upon your blog. you both are adorable! consider me your newest follower (:

    1. Hello! We didn't pay A DIME for it! (Besides transportation, food, etc) You take your own tent, but other than that the entertainment, concerts, red carpet, MOVIE is free! It's seriously the greatest. My sister found out about Tent City for Breaking Dawn part 1 through magazines and media, and we were crazy enough to drop everything, drive to California to hopefully get in. They've changed the way you enter Fan Camps, though, and this year you had to sign up online and (hopefully) get picked at random. When the time comes, google whatever fan camp you want to attend (like 3 months before the movie comes out) and you should find answers. Good luck!

  2. this comment is regarding your most recent post about utah mormons. i'm trying to read it but for some reason it's saying it doesnt exist and i'm really interested in what you have to say about the topic. help?

    1. I spent a long, long time writing the post and after publishing it I feel like I still need to work on it some more. It will be posted on Friday!

  3. you have the coolest life ever. and i just read every single word of this post. I am beyond jealous in the most happy for you way possible!

  4. You guys are so cool!! I saw it the friday it came out and bawled during that "scene."

  5. this is incredible! you two sure are lucky. amazing shots you got!


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