January 8, 2013


The day finally came that we have been dreading since forever. WE'RE SEPARATED! We knew it had to happen sometime, but didn't think it would come so fast. Taryn moved back up to Utah State while Taylor stayed home to start her mission papers.


I have always been more open to the idea of us moving on and living life as Taryn instead of Taryn and Taylor, but this has been so hard. I didn't prepare or expect myself to be so sad! Yeah, I'll be home a lot on weekends because of so many farewells and such, but it's just not the same. We didn't live together our first semester up here, and that helped separate us a teeny tiny bit, but Taylor lives 2 hours away from me, now.....not 2 seconds. We've been with each other 24/7 since we were in the womb and now we're not. Sometimes it feels like the freaking better half of me died for crying out loud! It's just an emotional, crazy journey that we are beginning. 

Day 1 was so hard, but day 2 has been much better. I'm learning how to rely on my Heavenly Father for comfort and guidance, and I can already tell that being in Institute will help a lot. Even though we aren't together, we are constantly texting, snap chatting, etc. and every night I look forward to our long chats on the phone. This will be crazy, but the special bond that we share has already been strengthened to levels I didn't even know existed. I never thought it could get any stronger than it was, but it has - and I couldn't be more grateful for that. We are both being brave and preparing for what's ahead! Love you Tayda Bayda! Friday can't come soon enough :)