August 5, 2013


My family.

No words could ever describe the love I have for my family. It's impossible. They are my best, best friends and I'd rather hang out with them than anyone else. We are all so close and I'm so grateful for the relationships we share. I almost didn't go on a mission because I knew I'd have FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. I struggled being away from my family while I was up at school, only 2 hours away. How was I going to deal with that when I'm in another country and can't call my mom when I need help? I bucked up and realized that my family will still be here when I get back. There will be a few new faces, but they're still my same family who I love sooo much. It's so comforting to know that I have the support of these people. I'll miss my parents and all they do for me. I'll miss my brothers and I'm sure they'll miss my constant ridicule and poking-fun. ;) I'll miss my babies.. their cute smiles and small laughs. I'll miss my sisters - OH how I'll miss my sisters!! I mean, who in their right mind drives to California to sleep on the streets of LA to see TWILIGHT? My sisters! Who would have a giant sleepover outside on the deck just so they could spend more time with each other? My sisters!


I'm so grateful that my family is forever. I get to spend eternity with these fools.. how cool is that?!