August 2, 2013


As a last little family hurrah before I leave on Wednesday, we decided to head up to Lagoon for some good carny fun! A lot of us hadn't been for a really long time, so it was fun to re-live some childhood memories (all while droppin' 1K to get in.. yikes!) All of us went on Rattlesnake Rapids and got COMPLETELY drenched. That ride alone made it all worth it - we were laughing the entire time! Jensen, Aaron, Brooks and I split away from the group after awhile so we could go do some "big kid" rides. Haha Brooks didn't last very long, but the rest of us loved them! Samurai takes the cake for funnest ride at Lagoon. We all had a blast! I love my family so much. I'm so glad we were all able to go out and do something super fun before I leave!