July 31, 2013



My home.

The one I've lived in my whole life. The one located just around the bend of my busy street where you nearly lose your life trying to pull out of my driveway. I'll miss Fruitloop. He's the only K-9 mom has ever allowed us to have. When I was little she told me that "He protects us from the bad guys" and I've believed her ever since. I'll miss the pretty deck that's the perfect shade of gray, lined with flowers mom has arranged. I'll miss the piano. Although it may not be in tune, I love sitting down and playing the 4 songs I know. (Sometimes when no one's around, I pour my soul out into that thing and sing at the very top of my lungs!) My bed. Oh, how I'll miss my bed! That warm, comforting thing I've slept in for years. 

I remember coming home for Christmas break, walking into my house and just feeling complete peace. It was filled with Christmas decorations, warm candles, and the people that I love the most. My home means so much more to me now that I've moved away from it. Although chaotic at times, it's a sanctuary. It's love. It's forever.