July 23, 2013



Someone's half way done in the MTC! That deserves a celebration 
and package filled with party supplies & treats :)

Being really close to the MTC has it's perks. There are so many places around here that do same day MTC delivery for super cheap! We found that Post Mart in Orem - right in between Smith's and Shopko - is the best. They charge $2 per missionary per day. Meaning, if you want to send more than one package in a day, it will still only cost you $2 total. Killer, right? (Just have it there by 3:00) I may have gone a little overboard on the package sending.. I just couldn't help myself! I won't be able to send many more packages considering the "international" postage from Canada to the U.S. costs more than a poor missionary can budget. I had to make up for it somehow :) Love and miss you everyday, Bayda!