July 30, 2013



"How are you calling?"
"I'm at a payyyy phhhooonnneee.. oh just kidding I can't sing that - I'm a missionary!"

Taylor, along with 25 other missionaries, are on their way to Seattle, Washington. Of course she sounds so great and has nothing but positive things to say. We talked like normal for about 45 minutes. There was so much to say! We haven't seen each other in 12 days, and although that's shorter then some of the times when I was up at school, we still talked on the phone every night. We mostly talked about how excited she was for me to go to the MTC. She honestly and truly had such a great experience there. Some positive things and some negative things - which is a good taste of how mission life is. I thought she was a spiritual giant before she left, but holy cow! She's amazing! I love her, I love her, I love her. Ahhh I just can't wait!